Curvy Diva to answer questions with new EP

Curvy Diva says she prefers to deliver quality songs than to release a lot of songs.
(Photo: Contributed)

With an EP on the way, Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett is giving fans a taste of what to expect from her upcoming project with a song called Bunx Pon It, featuring Demarco.

Before the song was even released in late July, it was sent to a few selectors who predicted that it might be another popular song for the Curvy Diva.

“I don’t rush the process because I prefer to release quality songs than quantity. Demarco is known for quality, so when I got the invite to come to
Atlanta to record with him, I didn’t hesitate. I enjoyed making this song,
and I’m sure the ladies, especially, will enjoy ‘bunxing’ to it too,” she said.

“A lot of persons have been asking if I can deliver another hit, and if I’m serious about music.”

— Curvy Diva

However, Bunx Pon It is just one of the songs on her upcoming EP, Under-Estimated, which includes collaborations with Kranium and Gage.
“My career has been a surprise to a lot of people, unexpected even for me. Recently, a lot of persons have been asking if I can deliver another hit and if I’m serious about music. With this project, I answer those questions and confirm to fans around the world that they should constantly expect the unexpected from me,” Curvy Diva said. The music video for ‘Bunx Pon It’ will be released in August.