Customer launches campaign for KFC Jamaica to reduce Zinger price

BUZZ Fam, bad news, KFC has increased the price of its zinger, again. The sandwich now cost $665, a $40 jump from the $625.

But Zinger lovers across the island are not accepting this price increase and have started a petition on to force KFC to reduce the cost of the sandwich.

The petition was started on Tuesday (Dec 17), and so far has gained more 1200 of the 1500 signatures goal.

Russel McGann, the creator of the petition believes this increase is unjustified. “KFC is hurting our pockets and, moreover, mentally, as we suffer through withdrawal unable to afford their food. A price increase put upon us is unjustified,” he said.

We all love the KFC Zinger!

McGann is pleading with KFC to reduce the price of the popular sandwich. “I hereby ask the owners and directors of KFC Jamaica to think about the people who have generously supported them for years and roll back on their prices,” he wrote.

“The cost is going up but not the size of the meal or variety to choose from,” a signatory to the petition commented.