D Major talks certainty of female partner’s fidelity in ‘She Na Give It Away’

Dancehall artiste D Major may be going against the grain with his single, She Na Give It Away

The track, produced by Kabaka Pyramid on the Victory Rock Riddim through his Bebble Rock Music label, tells the story of a man’s steadfast belief that his partner will stay faithful to him. 

D Major, in an interview with BUZZ, shared that the song was not indicative of a personal situation but arose more from a desire to provide an alternative narrative.

“It’s just a story enuh and I think it’s something that everyone would aspire for, you would a want you a partner like that ideally,” Major said.

Admittedly, Major, whose real name is Damian Codlin, said this notion of fidelity might contrast with what people say but notes that it is something most people truly desire.

 “Mi na trust nobaddy, that might be the cool thing to say, mi na trust no woman but deep down inna you heart you wan make sure your partner, them would a partner that is hundred percent,” he added.  

D Major believes the single has the potential to really take off particularly in Africa and Europe, noting that the song has been picking up traction in International markets.

“The response and the messages and the comments every day, it’s on radio stations already rotating hard and local deejays have been tagging me in videos” he related as to the hype the song is currently generating. 

The track, which was originally released in March, has only recently started to develop a buzz, something believed to have been spurred by the release of the official music video.

The video was directed by the Warrior Films collective and provides some stunning visuals which are certain to please his fan base, especially those on the African continent.

 He shared how the track came to being relating that he followed his usual process. 

“One night mi a listen the riddim and the chorus kinda come to me and then we knock out the verses, a actually in front of the microphone we come up with all a the verses itself,” the crooner related as was his current method of recording. He however noted despite the growing success of the track he is still focused on releasing more music and there is a plan to release an album. 

“Definitely working on some singles and kinda putting stuff together to do an album,” the singer remarked. He indicated that he was considering an EP but thinks it may be time for his sophomore album.

Major also disclosed that despite the challenges associated with the pandemic, he managed to kickstart his own label. 

Antilouvian is the name that was given to the fledgling music house on which he has already released one track, Something New which features the Turf Boss Busy Signal. 

In the meantime, D Major shared that he’s looking forward to the reopening of the entertainment sector so that he can perform once more for his fans. “Even get a chance to pump up the fitness to another level so we ready man,” he said.

 His track She Na Give It Away is available on most steaming platforms.