Dalton Harris re-inventing himself?

2018 winner of Britain’s X-Factor competition, Dalton Harris, may be injecting some changes in his life or career based on a recent post on his Instagram profile.

The Jamaican entertainer cryptically posted, “take FULL advantage this time around, OK?” along with an edgy photograph with his eyes closed against a red background.

It’s not explicitly certain what he may be referring to but it is believed that the success that should have bloomed out of his X-Factor victory may not have been as forthcoming as he had initially expected.

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However, it seems like something has changed along the way and he intends to make the best of this new opportunity. Fans have been pouring out their best wishes and expressing their faith in his success in whatever he does.

Known for his eccentric fashion style, the entertainer wiped his Instagram page clean with the exception of his “rebirth photograph”.

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