Dalton Harris says life after X Factor victory was “traumatic”

Jamaican singer Dalton Harris has described the two years after winning X Factor as the “onset of the most traumatic” time of his life.

Dalton Harris

The Cry artiste won the 15th season of The X Factor in the United Kingdom in 2018 after he thrilled viewers with his stellar voice on a weekly basis.

But the journey was not always easy. Even before coming out as pansexual earlier this year, Harris was often attacked online by people who questioned his sexuality.

He even admitted that he struggled with depression.

And while winning the competition was a massive feat for the Jamaican, he said that it also came with some amount of negativity.

“Today marks two years since my X Factor victory,” he tweeted on Wednesday. “I am so grateful for being alive still after what was the onset of the most traumatic two years of my life. But today I know I am more valuable than every Racist. Homophobic. Unfair. Prejudiced and Abusive person made me feel.”

Good enough

He added that he won the competition because he is a strong vocalist and one of the best in his generation, whether male or female.

“Here’s to f**king the status-quo. A Black. Foreigner. Pansexual. My identity is good enough for me,” he continued.

But Harris encouraged others who want to do music on a professional level to think long and hard before going into the industry.

“If you love music or have a dream of entering the industry. Rethink before following my path its hell,” he said.

“My accomplishment isn’t the X Factor. It’s surviving still after what seemed like punishment for being good at something. Love yourself first as well.”

The singer also expressed gratitude to the people who have supported him on his journey and said that they helped to keep him alive.

He added: “Lord only knows the heartbreaking journey that was ahead of me. But This is for all of YOU who invested support in this part of my journey. That’s what I am grateful for the most. Two Years Today. 💪🏾❤️🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈”

Harris also said that he is hoping for a better future.