Dalton Harris stars in Broadway musical ‘Closer Than Ever’

Jamaican singer Dalton Harris is set to star in a revival of the hit musical, Closer Than Ever. The musical was filmed in London where Harris currently resides and will start streaming online via BroadwayHD on September 23.

Harris won UK’s talent show, The X Factor in 2018, and will star alongside West End stars Kerry Ellis, Lee Mead, and Grace Mouat.

In an animated post on Instagram on Monday morning, Harris announced the news to his followers and shared the challenges of shooting the musical during a pandemic.

“Man was it a lot of pressure. Days on set studying material in between breaks and takes. We all had to get tested every two days and had a closed set. Still it was so much fun and was so extremely rewarding,” he wrote.

He also shared that he had to put his body through some physical changes to fully embody his role.

“I took this so seriously I wanted to lose bulk and weight for the character. It was one of the most challenging things I have ever done in my career but also one of the most fulfilling,” he shared.

He continued; “I wanted to submit to the discipline of Theatre, which has been my first love and introduction to music and stage performance, thanks to my Alma Mater, Edwin Allen High School and it’s Theatre Arts Department.

Closer Than Ever aims to signal the resurgence of the U.K.’s theatre scene which was gravely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

“It was one of the most challenging things I have ever done in my career but also one of the most fulfilling.”

— Harris

Serving on the creative team are co-directors Stacey Haynes, Maltby Jr., and Shire and producers Thomas Hopkins and Michael Quinn of Ginger Quiff Media and Stewart F. Lane, Bonnie Comley, and Gio Messale of BroadwayHD.

The musical contains no dialogue, just songs. And Maltby and Shire have described it as a “bookless book musical”.