Damien King slams Jamaica House logo as ‘unoriginal’

Dr Damien King (Photo: Twitter @DamienWKing)

Dr Damien King, economist and executive director of the Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CAPRI), took to Twitter on Sunday (May 24) to share his feeling on the new Jamaica House logo.

King criticised the logo which appears behind Prime Minister Andrew Holness during COVID-19 press briefings for lacking in creativity. 

“So much creativity in the country, and we couldn’t do better than just copy what we see on the wall in the White House Press Room and stick up basically the same thing in our press room? ” tweeted King.

The tweet attracted significant attention on the social media platform, with many noting that King was not the first to voice concern over the image which looks strikingly similar to the US White House logo. 

One Twitter user went as far as to dig up an old tweet, dated April 11,  from Senator Robert Nesta Morgan who, in his usual matter-of-fact style, seems to have addressed the concern.

“Can we reverse this and be original as we have always been?”

– Twitter user

According to Morgan, the Office of the Prime Minister’s official colour is blue and the image is an exact replica of Jamaica house, inclusive of the palm trees. 

“Context/standards.1. OPM colour is blue 2. Spheres and circles look better on TV 3. Image is exact replica of JA House (including the palm trees) 4. There r other backdrops for other occasions,” said Morgan on Twitter.

Dr Damien King

“No COVID money was used in this production (took 3+ yrs to renovate little by little),” added Morgan cheekily.  

Nonetheless, it seems Morgan’s explanation was not satisfying, as Twitter users continued to slam the logo likening it to emulating our “masters” and suggesting Jamaica is not a sovereign nation.  

“Don’t we like to be validated by our masters? One way to ensure that is by mimicking them…smh , ” said one Twitter user. 

“It bothers me so much, Jamaica is celebrated for so many reasons even as one of the only countries with no similarities to the US flag. Can we reverse this and be original as we have always been,” added another Twitter User.

Other Twitter users used the occasion to share how the logo could be improved.

“Looking back at it now, I think they probably have to change it. Probably use the PMs Standard or the Coat of Arms of Jamaica, “said one Twitter user  

“Guess as usual if don’t look foreign then it no look good. Said this from the first time I saw it. Even to use a combination of the flag on the coat of arms would look much better. We’re also using blue which represents nothing within the Jamaican flag or any symbols,” added another.