Dance moves that revolutionized dancehall

Dancehall is much more than its distinct rhythm. It’s all about style, lyrics, attitude, and as the name suggests, dances! These dances are always creative, and trendsetting, so much so that they’re recognized and imitated internationally.

Here are 10 dances that made the dancehall the place to be!


If you don’t know this dance, then your age is showing. But this dance that came about in the 1970s is still rocking after decades in the dancehall world. The complex dance requires some skill, as you’ll be using your legs, torso, and pelvis. This dance involves lifting your heels and pressing down onto your toes as you curve your legs in and out to the beat of the music


Created by famed Jamaican dancer, Bogle A.KA. Mr. Wacky, this dance is done all over the globe! It involves you pointing your hands toward the air in a flailing steady motion while moving the body back and forth in a snake-like movement. Even Buju Banton loves it! So much so he has a song for it. “Rock Bogle Dance from music sweet you, Bogle a run the place night and day”

Gully Creeper- Elephant Man

The dance is a distinguishing feature of the dancehall space. Popularly known from the 2008 Beijing Olympics when it was done by Usain Bolt. Gully creeper is a popular Jamaican dance invented by the late Ice from the Roses group. The dance consists of you bouncing on your feet while crouching.

The song ‘Gully Creeper, describes how the dance is done “Ben yuh back move up yu shoulda, Move yu foot dem like ah roller Mek up yuh face jus like ah creature”.

Willie Bounce

Willy Bounce is a dance that will have you bouncing from left to right but in a controlled swaying motion. Both feet and hands should also be moving. So basically, it’s left, right and then dip all while swaying. You can dip as low as you want or even ‘buss’ a freestyle. 

The eponymous song by Elephant Man explains perfectly how the dance should be done.

“All right bring yuh hand dem gwaan like yuh mad. Then yuh double, the double the out and bad.”

Look left, look right swing yuh hand like yuh bad. Like yuh mad then yuh double, the double the out and bad…Alright stop mek a pose tek a sip shake yuh foot start do the dip”

Skip To Ma Lu

This dance has several song renditions, but they all teach you the same moves. As dancehall artiste Ding Dong would say in his rendition to Skip To Ma Lu which features Serani, “It nuh hard, da one yah easy fi catch.”

Tek Weh Yuhself

If you’re at a party and you can’t keep up with the moves, tek weh yuhself. In this dance, you’ll do little foot-tapping movements while dancing to the music and moving from side to side.

Pon Di River

You better can cross it! The dance move entails bouncing to the music and shifting from heel to toe from one imaginary line to the other while concentrating on the song’s rhythm.

World Dance/ Dancers Anthem

Dancers Anthem is a popular Jamaican dance that is known for its simple movement. The dance is done by first placing your two hands in the air, then place them in a criss-cross position after, and then placing them at your side. This can then be followed by some dance moves that are given in the song.

Listen song below.


Fling is one of the most recent dances that captured the heart of many party-goers and even non-dancers. The movements of the dance are basically flinging your shoulder forward all while maintaining a certain foot movement. The dance is rather a simple one but requires quite a bit of energy. 


A dance like this will definitely keep someone in shape. Girls can often be seen at parties doing popular dance move. This dance requires immense skill and involves you knowing how to use your back and pelvis. So here’s how it works; you put your hands on your bent knees, and with an arched back you lift each leg to the beat. And with a little waist action, you’re set!

**Article written by BUZZ interns Mya Watson and Abigail Wint