Dancehall artiste Skillibeng says he has nine CXC subjects

Skillibeng – Shake Remix lyrics –
Dancehall artiste, Skillibeng in a scene from his video for ‘Shake’ which features Jada Kingdom

Fast-rising dancehall artiste, Skillibeng made his debut on the scene with Brik Pan Brik, a song which essentially glorifies scamming.

But it is his killer flow, and witty lyrics that have propelled this St Thomas native into being more than a ‘one-hit-wonder’. With the many collabs and hits that he has churned out since, Skillibeng has proven that he is a quick learner. And it’s no surprise there, as according to a video circulating on social media, Skillibeng has always been a bright student, with eight CXC subjects as proof.

“Mi have Maths, English, POA [Principles of Accounts] POB [Principles of Business], OA [Office Administration] English Literature, HSB [Human and Social Biology], IT [Information Technology],” he said, while listing English twice.

The video was immediately flooded with comments praising the Mr Universe artiste on taking his education seriously.

“A this we a promote… Educated artist and young men. And dash weh anything weh fully dunce,” someone said.

“So how them a gwan like a fully dunce people alone turn artists?” one person asked.

“Nice if music nah work out u have a back up big up u self,” another wrote.

Skillibeng, born Emwah Warmington attended Morant Bay High school. He was naturally drawn to entertainment while in high school and was apart of a dance group. He also got the nickname Skillibeng from his high school friends. 

The timing of the video couldn’t be more perfect as students will be receiving their CXC results today.