Dancehall artiste Spice pranked by her kids

Dancehall artiste Spice poses with her kids, Nicholas (left) and NichoLatoy. (Photo: Instagram @spiceofficial)

Dancehall artiste Spice got the fright of her life on the weekend when she was pranked by her kids.

Her son, Nicholas, and daughter, NichoLatoy, tricked Spice into thinking that they broke her 80-inch flat-screen television. As he was being approached by an angry Spice, Nicholas quickly told her that it was a prank.  

“Never prank a Jamaican mother. So my kids ran a prank on me earlier today, and I’m still not over it. @nichoandnicho If unu bruck mi 80” TV a problem in yah,” Spice wrote on Instagram.

The video has been accumulated more than 665,000 views and in excess of 12,000 comments with many persons saying it was funny. Some viewers said Nicholas was quite lucky to walk away without a scratch.

“Bwoy give up quick him couldnt tek no beating,” one person said.