Dancehall couple Queen Nikki and Sanka create buzz with debut collab

Upcoming artiste Sanka

Boysie Records’ upcoming artiste Sanka and singjay Queen Nikki are creating a buzz in and outside the bedroom with their debut release Best Wi Eva Feel. The raunchy visuals premiered on the dancer’s birthday (November 13) and features partially nude scenes of Sanka grabbing her tatas and derrière. The video has left many people wondering how much of it was acting and how much of it was real.

Queen Nikki told BUZZ that they are very much in a romantic relationship, which she believes has aided in the song’s growing popularity.

Sanka and Queen Nikki

“Not only this because the song really have a buzz plus both of us sound really great on the track and did well in the video,” she said. “Everyone love the video and crazy over it. Most of them are saying they watch it like 20 times to how them love it. My expectations of the song is to make it go number one trending here and other states.”

Queen Nikki said they decided to record the track following a clip which went viral in September, which gave an inkling of her partner’s manhood as she gave him a lap dance.

The music video has reaped almost 40,000 views with social media users echoing Queen Nikki’s report.

Viewers’ feedback

“The chemistry between these two is amazing,” said one Youtube user.

“Cant stop listen to Sanka voice. Go Nikki.”

“Nikki you voice siding pan di rhythm. Gurl look good, Sanka big up you and you crew, song have a buzz.”

“Never heard of Sanka till now but he has a unique voice. Come thru guys.”

“Nikki well-talented, nah lie two a uno bad.”

The Happy Life collaborator recently signed a one-year contract with Boysie Records and iClips Records, which covers several singles, projects, videos and performances. She said fans can expect more collaborations with Sanka, as well as solo releases.

“I’m releasing a new hot single next week produced by Boysie Records and iClips Records, and I have a few singles dropping soon, videos as well.”