Dancehall is the devil’s playground, says Destiny Sparta

Now that she has turned to Christianity, Jamaican entertainer Destiny Sparta is speaking up about the dancehall industry, which she says is the devil’s playground.

Jamaican entertainer Destiny Sparta

“Dancehall industry is the devil’s playground. There is no love, no genuine love for one another. There is just self-seeking, whole heap a witchcraft, people will do anything, almost anything and everything fi reach to the top and stay at the top,” she said in a recent Instagram post.

“Crab inna barrel. Mi hear that all the time, and it’s no joke. Yuh see artiste and you say want to be like this person because you like weh yuh see and you want all the perks that come with being an artiste. Whole heap a artistes stress out and sad… After a while it becomes emotionally exhausting. After a while you get drained.”

“Whole heap a artistes stress out and sad.”

— Destiny Sparta

As women, she said they often sing a lot of ‘foolishness’ because they believe that sex sells. However, she urged entertainers to do a bit of self-reflection and self-evaluation “because nuff a wi lost.”

“Come out of ego and go into God,” she said.

Prior to becoming a Christian earlier this year, Destiny was known for being a raunchy entertainer, doing songs like Feel Horny and One Man.