‘Dancehall Life’ tackles depression in episode 2

Episode two of reality web series Dancehall Life was a hit with viewers last Sunday. It tackled the issue of depression.

So far, Sunday night’s episode has been viewed almost 200,000 times.

Dancehall Life, which premiered two weeks ago on Kingston Signal’s official YouTube channel, stars popular dancers Keticia “TC” Chatman, Christina “Dancing Rebel” Nelson and Tashlicka “Pretty Pretty” Laird.

Co-creator of the series, music executive/producer Cordell “Skatta” Burrell explained the thinking behind the show’s storyline.

“Depression is just one of the topics Dancehall Life will delve into. The girls are very humorous and, of course, talented but they do have some depth to them that may not have been as obvious as will be seen on the show. They are also role models to a lot of young girls so we at DSR (DownSounds Records) wanted to make sure there are always solid messages and lessons in as much of the episodes as possible,” said Burrell.

He continued, “The girls have often been told that they have been a source of inspiration so they are aware of the effect and the influence they can wield. They care a lot about their fans and just wanted to share some of the issues they themselves have come across and give their take on how to deal with these issues.”

A survey conducted by Pan American Health Organization and released in 2019, indicated that around three per cent of Jamaicans suffer from depression, with women having higher rates of depression and anxiety than men do.

The reactions and response from viewers were all positive.

Commenting on YouTube, user Nikki Queen said, “This was refreshing. Depression is no joke. No man is an island and no man stands alone. Ever see a bird a fly pon one wing yet? Never! We all need somebody.”

Another viewer, Shani Headley said, “Friendship is everything especially in these times.”

“These girls are an epitome of true friendship, the type we all need in a time of loneliness and depression such as this,” said user Cora Perry.

“Love this! Depression is definitely a taboo topic that needs to be talked about more,” said Vanessa A Owens.