Dancehall needs structure, says Kranium

Jamaican artiste Kranium says the dancehall industry needs structure. (Photos: Instagram @kranium)

Kranium has been very vocal about the state of dancehall on the international space in recent times.

In a recent interview, he lamented that things done by Jamaican entertainers in the 90s and 2000s are now affecting new acts in the music industry.

“Dancehall don’t even a have business.”

— Kranium

“Remember, most of these problems that we are facing is because most of these artistes who came before us do bare foolishness pon di road,” Kranium said.

He noted that many acts in the earlier days did not take their jobs seriously, even simple things like punctuality.

Singer Kranium

“Man fi go a show at 1 [o’clock] and him a come out of him bed at 1:45. Simple things. Dem go a di venue and dem set is 45 minutes and dem do 25 minutes. These things just create all these bad blood fi we,” Kranium said.

The self-proclaimed ‘Melody Gad’ also added that unity is important, but dancehall will first have to create a structure and develop the business side of things.

“Everybody keep on a complain a seh we need unity… but at the end of the day structure is the most important thing. Dancehall don’t even a have business,” he said.

Written by Shania Hanchard