Dancehall queen wants Jamaicans to take coronavirus seriously

Dancehall queen, Carlene Smith

Listen BUZZ Fam, this is an important announcement from the Queen herself, the Dancehall Queen that is. Carlene Smith wants you to take coronavirus seriously.

Smith who celebrated her birthday on Friday (May 1) only had one wish. “My wish is that everyone else, Jamaicans at home and abroad, would take COVID-19 seriously, practice social distancing so we can get through this in good health. I am praying for them to get it under control and for a better Jamaica as this, too, shall pass,” she said.

She admitted that she has always been someone who “Tan A Yaad” so the social distancing measures have not really affected any birthday plans she may have had.

“Being in your 40s is a great thing, and I think I am ageing like fine wine. The celebration will be limited to quarantine, playing games, or some other fun thing with my daughter Crystal, and taking part in a Sugar and Spice cake,” she said.

She was speaking to her followers in an IG live.