Dancing nice again! Global Bob and Elephant Man to work together for the first time

Dancer Global Bob (left) dancehall artiste Elephant Man (right)

If the saying “nothing happens before its time” had representatives, it would be ‘energy gad’ Elephant Man and veteran dancer Global Bob.

Global Bob, formerly known as SpongeBob, has been a hot topic this week after a video he posted went viral and caught the attention of Elephant Man and Agent Sasco.

In the video, the dancer is seen leading a workshop to Ele’s 2008 track Nuh Linga.

Though the post was seemingly inspired by the dancer’s journey (as he listed some of his awards), it was his execution of the dance that impressed viewers. 

Ele soon saw the video and reposted it. 

“Big up to all the dancers all over the world,” he said. “Keep making dance hall your number one priority, big tune.”

As the rave surrounding the video continued, Ele announced that he’ll be stopping by DHI Russia, a Moscow festival, to shoot a music video.

The event will run from April 30 to May 3, and as luck would have it, Global Bob is booked too.

“Elephant Man & Global Bob link up official now,” he wrote in his Story.

“Bogle wanted us to meet the real way it didn’t happen, many mutual friends and the link didn’t happen until now nothing but time is the master! Dancing nice again look out!”

Ele shared the enthusiasm and believes the song will be a summer anthem. 

“This is gonna be crazy, this is gonna be the song fi di summer. This is for you, the dancers. This is fi di people dem weh waan fulljoy themselves, have fun again. Let’s do this big video, let’s make it fi di world.”

Agent Sasco also gets in on the action

Beyond Ele, deejay Agent Sasco also caught wind of Global Bob’s video and reposted it as he co-produced Nuh Linga.

“This was my production debut with the label I shared with my older brother. #BoardhouseRecords @elephantmanjamaica @daviddaesca We made a true #DancehallClassic #LookGalRiddim.”

But Sasco didn’t know who the dancer was.

“BTW… A who da dancer yah?? Man smooth like mirror! Tag him fi mi!”

Global Bob replied to Sasco’s post and the artiste later edited his caption. 

Though he was a central figure of the new millennium dance movement, Bogle’s protégé appeared in videos like Mr Vegas’ Gyallis Swing and Brick & Lace’s Bad to the Bone.

Global Bob has been off the Jamaican radar since relocating to Europe. The dancer found love with an Italian fashion designer in 2014 and the pair got married in 2019. They operate a hostel in Kingston but reside in Switzerland.