D’Angel and Pamputtae say music journey is still rough

D'angel, BUZZ Caribbean
Dancehall artiste D’angel

The narrative of the music industry being a difficult space for female artistes continues today, even for those who have encountered some success.

In an interview with Radio Diamond UK, D’Angel said she is still bound to street promotion and gets no free pass despite her tenure and catalogue.

“Me as a artiste weh pay mi dues inna di business…inna dis whole heap a years, lots of hit songs and yuh swear seh yuh gone through the gate,” she said. “Now when yuh go out deh yuh still haffi wait so it’s not like seh it apply fi one person and don’t apply to the next… Mi haffi wait mi turn. It’s very tedious and technical that’s why social media now is a good platform where we can promote our music.”

“That’s why di way how me stay mi cya badmind…cause mi know weh mi a come from.”

– Pamputtae

Her steadfastness is long-standing. The entertainer has been sustaining herself during the pandemic with her Only Fans venture, and said her hustler spirit goes as far back as her Angel’s boutique which she operated several years ago.

“Mi never have a store so mi start inna mi car… Mi never feel like me better than nobody or better than fi hustle or look my bread in desolate places… I know what I will and will not do fi earn my dollar.”

Deejay Pamputtae, who was also on the show, also knows about working from the ground up. She spoke about her first job as a market vendor while she was pregnant with her firstborn.

Recording artiste Pamputtae

“Mi use $240 and buy two dozen rag… Mi deh a town and mi seh, ‘Come inna mi store, come inna mi store. Mi nah nuh window, mi nah nuh door. Three rag $100…three socks $100’… Mi can turn a dollar inna two dollar.”

She said she then went to work in a store which was short-lived because of the working conditions.

“Mi just go back dung a town go sell but dem time deh mi have baby so mi did haffi bring mi son, put him in a box downtown and sell just fi buy pampers, feeding and everything. That’s why di way how me stay mi cya badmind…cause mi know weh mi a come from.”

But she still has a far way to go. The artiste said she, too, has to juggle the life of street promotions while being a full-time mom.

“Yuh know weh did hard for me? Fi come out a night time fi get the song play, sometimes the song nuh play. A regular mi stand up inna dance and sleep and then when mi reach een mi haffi get breakfast prepared and haffi take me son to school and by 1:30pm mi haffi get up fi go pick him up and then inna di night again mi haffi go try go one next two, three party just fi mek two likkle song play… It nuh easy.”

The women aren’t giving in and are continuing their promotion of the May-released Pink rhythm of which they are featured.