D’Angel becomes news anchor

Dancehall artiste D’Angel plays news anchor Pamela Houston

D’ Angel has been busy ‘socially entertaining’ her fans during this quarantine period, and her latest attempt at humour has everyone cracking up.

The self-proclaimed ‘First Lady of Dancehall’ showcased her funny side to her 337,000 Instagram followers on Tuesday, May 26. In a seven-minute long video, D’Angel plays the very expressive news anchor Pamela Houston.

Like most of us, I suppose, Pamela is tired of hearing about coronavirus news, but she’s frustrated with having to have to read it too.

As she flips through the script, Pamela reads the headlines, and then adds her own commentary. All the while, the news director in exasperation tells Pamela that she cannot comment on the news, and reminds her multiple times that she is live.


But Pamela couldn’t care less, as nothing can stop her from voicing her opinions. From wanting to go live in Hanover, the only parish that is yet to record a coronavirus case, and expressing her disbelief that students will still have to do CSEC examinations.

Eventually, her news director had enough, and Pamela is fired.

But the Pretty Plus Tax artiste left fans wanting more of her comedic side.

“Yow thats one of the funniest things I ever see on insta. I laughed so hard. Tears!! Brilliant,” one person commented.

“Due to how you turn me whole season around. Thanks love. Mi a wait fi dem hire yuh back cause mi ready fi go a road wid mi placard…di producer bwoii too bright😂😂😂😂,” someone else said.