D’Angel climbs mango tree in heels

D'angel, BUZZ Caribbean

The heels challenge is the latest craze on social media with women and men running in heels over long distances, jumping over chairs in heels and running with weight (usually a child) in heels. Jamaican artiste Shenseea received props for her challenge which saw her attempting to climb a tree, but singjay D’Angel actually made it to the top of a tree for her submission.

The Break Free entertainer uploaded a video on Tuesday of her running from the front of her house to her backyard, where she then proceeded to climb atop her mango tree. While there, she congratulated herself by rattling the tree, and even struck a couple poses as would be expected of the former model.

“Ta-da! I’m here up inna mi mango tree,” she said. “Ta-da, in my heels. Can you do this? I challenge you.”

The post has garnered commendation from fans who have now dubbed D’Angel the heels-running champion.

“Yeah the challenge is on Angel, yuh leaddinggggggg,” one person wrote.

“Den no Bellevue behaviour dis,” another joked.

“Effortlessly inna di tree.”

“How do you do that in heels girl?” one person asked. D’Angel responded, “Watch again, one foot at a time.”

Her technique could very well extend to the type of shoes worn as well. D’Angel wore pumps for the challenge, which is the same shoe style she wore for her previous running video. Also, the artist has spent the majority of her career in heels, and told BUZZ last year that she wants to host classes where she teaches women the varied techniques for walking in heels.