D’Angel compares her skimpy photos to J.Lo’s

Dancehall artiste D’angel

BUZZ fam, D’Angel is tired of y’all coming at her for her OnlyFans account, and frankly, we are too.

So you know how she is always promoting her account on her Instagram? Well, this morning she posted a very risque photo wearing no underwear.

“Wah my body try gwaan a yuh bed back! #TalkAbout,” she captioned the post.

And while many fans praised the Stronger artiste for her “flawlessness”, there were the usual critics who chastised her for posting such a revealing photo.

“You don’t need to do this type of thing, there are kids looking up to you. This is not a good message you are sending to the younger ones,” someone wrote.

“Remember your a mom ur son might be watching u,” another added.

D’Angel is mom to a 14-year-old son whom she shares with dancehall artiste Beenie Man.

Having gotten wind of the criticisms in the comments section of her post, D’Angel decided to address them in her Instagram Story.

“So when Jlo do this its okay, but when me do it the kids are watching! Unno move uno hypocrite dirty b***dc**t and tek mi name outta uno nasty mouth,” she wrote while sharing a photo of a naked J.Lo posing for her new single.