D’Angel gets dance lessons from Tyreke Dirtt

Dancehall artiste D’Angel has been working to perfect her dirt bounce.

In an effort to get it right, she employed the help of the dance move creator, Tyreke Pennicott.

Pennicott, popularly known as ‘Tyreke Dirtt’, initial gave the dancheall artiste a quick tutorial at a birthday party.

However, it seems D’Angel had not quite caught the swinging of the hips; so, she had a double take with the Dirt Bounce creator and shared her progress in an Instagram video on Wednesday (October 13).

“Dem seh me can’t dance and me know seh a lie dem a tell. Show me how to do the dirt bounce, ” Angel is heard saying in the video.

“Me finally get it now,” added, D’Angel a she confidently mimicked Tyreke skilful hip swinging moves.

Though struggling a tad, D’Angel manages to complete the routine declaring herself ‘Angel Dirt’.

D’Angel also shared with fans a video from her friend Jackie’s birthday party, where she first attempted to showcase the move.

While admitting that her first attempt wasn’t that great, D’Angel described her second one-on-one session with Pennicott as her graduation.

The dancehall entertainer hinted that she may be employing her newly learnt dance move on her upcoming tour of the US.