D’Angel pays homage to Lady Saw in new video

D’Angel is paying homage to Lady Saw in her latest music video for the single Stress Free, which is her spin on the former dancehaller’s classic, Man A The Least.

Dancehall artiste A’Angel

The track, which was released early last year by producer Kemar ‘Flava’ McGregor, has formed part of D’Angel’s performance repertoire for the past year to the delight of Saw’s eternal fanbase. Though the latter hung up her secular shoes in 2015 to join Christendom, her contribution to dancehall remains perpetual and D’Angel shows just how.

Not only does she retain most of the chorus of the 2003 Dave Kelly hit, but D’Angel also revisits the music video as inspiration to deliver some retro vibes.

Memory Lane

Saw’s video unfolds with a street dance as the primary scene, and male and female dancers take the spotlight as she deejays about being too booked, busy and blessed for catty female drama and ‘man problems’. The saucy star also nails several hairstyles and outfits in the video, including a pink fit with some mid-calf boots.

D’Angel’s video pays tribute to Lady Saw’s, now turn Minister Marion Hall, Man A The Least

D’Angel’s video shares a close enough concept, with her main scene being a dancehall session with female dancers doing their thing. She even rocks a pink ensemble in one of several looks, and completes the fit with spiral, knee-high heels.

The Break Free singjay has built her catalogue with one-drop and hardcore bops, and digs into her dancehall bag for Stress Free. Narrated around some online stalker who is obsessed with her boo thang, D’Angel makes it known that her bedroom prowess and culinary skills have the man locked. But don’t get it twisted, she insists that “man a the least.”

The storyline comes together with a Ludo game with the girls, some ‘decent whining’ in a pub, runway fashion on the street, and a waistline-hammering bike man.

Check out the visuals for Stress Free below.