D’Angel, Pamputtae demands more respect in Dancehall

Dancehall artistes, Pamputtae (left) D’Angel (right)

It’s no secret that female dancehall artistes are not given the same recognition as their male counterparts. It’s a complaint that has been voiced by various female acts at some points throughout their careers. Now in 2020, dancehall artistes, Pamputtae, and D’Angel are demanding that this culture ends.

Speaking on Winford Williams’s Onstage recently, both artistes revealed that their careers have been stifled because of the industry’s refusal to see them as equal to men.

“A promoter cya just put bare man pan a show that’s very distasteful. Mi always seh put wah little woman or two pan di show man. It cya just be bare men on the show, how dat work?” asked D’Angel.

“Dem wudda know seh dem have a one rhythm and dem have 20 man pan di rthym and all the one female weh deh pan it, she nah get no play,” Pamputtae chimed in.

“Sometime the song as the baddest song,” Dangel continued. “Mi have song pan rhythm, Stronger is on an all man rhythm, and a Stronger run with it. The list goes on and on,” D’Angel said.

“We have to work triple time harder than the man dem,” Pamputtae lamented.

Pamputtae said she hopes to see a time when women are given the same respect as men in the dancehall industry.

“A man and woman inna di audience so the women dem have to represent for the women too. Man perform and then a women perform. a suh mi wudda want to see it go,” she said.

The two were on the show to promote the Pink rhythm which features an all-female lineup.

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