D’Angel releases ‘Every Weh Crowded’

Remember when DJ Powa turned that viral Clifton Brown news clip into the hit Nobody Canna Cross It 10 years ago?

Well, a creative named Koln has done the same thing with a clip of D’Angel venting about the implications for the Thursday-announced no-movement days.

The Gud Gyal artist was on the road on Friday when she took to Instagram to voice her dissatisfaction with the sudden announcement and its effect on maintaining physical-distancing.

“Every weh yuh go a crowd so no social distance nah gwaan as a result of this,” she said in a video. “Supermarket crowded, outta road crowded, market crowded, wholesale crowded, every weh is gonna be crowded.”

Shortly after, she uploaded a video of her sentiments sampled on an instrumental.

“Every Weh Crowded tun song to rahtid,” she captioned. “This was quick. Who did dis bad. One thing wid Jamaicans we ago tek serious things mek joke.”

Though she added, “lol” at the end of the post, followers saw the clip’s potential and encouraged her to record it as a song.

D’Angel updated folks on Sunday with the complete audio which is available on her MAD YouTube channel. She has since deleted the original rant video and post which previewed the song.

Every Weh Crowded doesn’t see D’Angel re-recording her sentiments on the video and instead uses samples from her rant video and her most recent Pamela skit. The latter sees the personality delivering a comical news report where she states that she would make a better.

Prime Minister in light of the current curfew restrictions and its toll on poor families.

The track has received commendation mostly through fire emojis since its release.