D’Angel says she never meant to hurt Bounty Killer

Dancehall artiste D’Angel said when she got together with Beenie Man it was never to hurt her ex Bounty Killer.

When D’Angel entered a relationship with Beenie Man years ago, she said it wasn’t a malicious act to hurt her ex Bounty Killer. The singjay finally spoke out in response to Bounty’s recent revelation that he was hurt by their relationship.

“Mi never set out fi do that, it happened because mi left Killer one year after me move on,” D’Angel said in an Instagram Live last night.

“Mi seh, ‘mi cya talk to yuh cause you and my ex inna problems fi years… Mi born come see unno a fight so me nah do do that.”

– D’Angel

She said one of the reasons she left Bounty was because he didn’t want her to be an artiste because of the harshness of the music industry.

Her connection with Beenie was strengthened because he supported her musical endeavours.

“When me meet Beenie Man now him a show mi a different light. Him a seh, ‘come do music, come do yuh ting and be happy wid weh yaa do’. We never meet in a relationship, we meet fi do music.”

Their musical chemistry bore One Man. Then came love.

“Him a help mi wid mi music and we a do music together. It so happened all of a sudden Beenie a start tell mi seh him in love wid me. Mi seh, ‘from where, how, when?’… Mi seh, ‘mi cya talk to yuh cause you and my ex inna problems fi years… Mi born come see unno a fight so me nah do do that’.”

But the two stayed in contact and spoke every day until he decided to take matters into his own hands when she went to England to visit her family.

“Di man fly come a England…him meet mi a mi sister yard and him just tek out a ring and seh, ‘will you be my wife?’… It was very emotional, mi never know wah else fi do. We’d been communicating, him been a talk to me every day so we start build a bond and mi fight him. Mi push him off and mi seh, ‘mi cya date yuh’ and him keep on saying, ‘why you wouldn’t want date mi’. Him give me all the pros and the cons and you know woman want comfort and that was the thing that I was receiving so I took it (the marriage proposal).”

The pair soon welcomed their only child together but the marriage was short-lived.

“I had to divorce him too because mi realise seh people grow and they move on… Me wanted some different things in life.”

Today, D’Angel is single by choice, Bounty Killer flaunts his ladylove Claudia Rattigan, while Beenie Man is with Krystal Tomlinson, the mother of his youngest child.