D’Angel says sorry: Addresses nasty tweet to Dionne Jackson Miller

Entertainer D’Angel

Things got a little awkward last Monday when a tweet from dancehall singjay D’Angel called out journalist Dionne Jackson Miller for being a b***h. In an Instagram post on Saturday (Dec 28), the ‘Lady of Dancehall’ apologised for not addressing the tweet sooner, adding that the racy post was made by her social media personnel.

The online girl spat was ignited when Jackson Miller claimed that the entertainer was dragged off stage during her performance at Unruly Fest in St Thomas. “So I thought D’Angel was walking off arm in arm with this guy only to realise he was dragging her off lmao,” the All Angles journalist posted on social media. “Yes, most of these encores are a waste of time. Do your set and cut.”

The response from D’Angel’s account was not reflective of the usual calm-natured, female-empowering persona she exudes. “Duttywoman, where did that happen? Which boy can drag me off stage bi*tch? I gave a epic performance where they beg me to go back on stage. Bi*tch keep my name out your stinking mouth. People like you bring down other women instead of giving them their glory…,” read the response.

Journalist Dionne Jackson-Miller

Now, the BUZZ team was there and can confirm that D’Angel being “dragged off stage” is a stretch. She was indeed called for an encore but was escorted off stage because of time constraints. D’Angel has since removed the saucy post, and explained the response associated with her Instagram account.

“My social media personnel responded on my behalf and referred to Mrs Miller in a derogatory manner…,” a statement from D’Angel reads. “I want to apologise for not dealing with the matter sooner but the holidays got the best of me as I am working very hard with my booked appearances and my career. The statement made by Mrs Miller was false and could have caused damage to my career and loss of income. However, my social media personnel was frustrated about the tweet and responded in a degrading manner in which I don’t condone as I am a woman who strongly believe in female empowerment…”

She added that she will be moving forward in positivity and will continue to uplift women.

Twenty-nineteen has been both a win and drag for D’Angel. The artiste achieved several milestones, including a million streams on her Spice-collaboration, No Worries. She was also recognised by Governor of Georgia, in the US, Brian Kemp, for her contributions to the music industry. But then there was the fallout with Spice, that viral Koffee statement, and her claims that her ex, Beenie Man, wants her back, even though he is booed up with Krystal Tomlinson.

Speaking to BUZZ at Unruly Fest, D’Angel made it known that critics can take a seat and enjoy the show as she doesn’t plan on going anywhere, anytime soon. “I’m determined to let the world know how talented I am regardless of the naysayers, they motivate me,” she said. “It was a winning year because of my determination and strength. I can’t lose because I was given a talent from the Almighty so I can’t let people stop me from pursuing my dreams. Once you talk about D’Angel in any form or any negative way, which I don’t really read, I don’t put my energy in those things. I just continue to believe in my dreams and talent. I’m not gonna stop until I reach the peak, all when mi a 100.”