D’Angel shares her anti-aging secret

Dancehall artiste, D’Angel is 42-years-old, but you probably couldn’t tell by looking at her. She has always been praised for maintaining a youthful appearance, and we finally know how she does it. When it comes to looking young, the self-proclaimed Lady of Dancehall, recommends one thing-laughter.

The No Worries singer shared her secret with her almost 400 thousand followers on Instagram.

“People always ask my anti aging secret, well it’s laughter! Catch me on any day I’m always laughing. Laughter is the best medicine, and I share that gift with you all the time! Cyaaah seh mi never tell unnoo,” she wrote.

Her fans, happy that she has finally spilled the secret, agreed with D’Angel.

“SO CORRECT “LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE OF ALL TIMES ” do it experience it and feel the difference deep within,” one fan wrote.

“Absolutely true, God bless,” another commented.