D’Angel snaps when asked if her son has subscribed to her OnlyFans

Dancehall artiste, D’Angel

In a recent Instagram post, singjay D’Angel posits that one isn’t ready for success if she cannot handle being talked about. That’s cute, but when it comes to people talking about her son, all bets are off.

In promoting her OnlyFans account, the  42-year-old recently posted a racy photo that was allegedly leaked from her adult-subscription page. She also announced that a new single, Exposed, will be exclusively available on the platform.

Then came the inevitable.

“[Your son] already subscribed?” a user asked, making reference to the teenager’s name.

D’Angel snapped.

“Yuh pick the wrong gyal pon di right day!” her response started. “Dutty jancro, wid yuh paedophile and incest infested mind…Yuh nuh earn di right fi call mi son name in a yuh mouth! Not even fit fi lick up sh*t offa mi shoes if mi did step inna it. Clear offa mi page wid yuh stay bad self and life. I hope that comment made your d**k bigger.”

D’Angel parents her son with ex-husband Beenie Man. 

D’Angel with her son, Marco-Dean

Some people, however, came to the user’s defence, adding that the artiste should exercise greater responsibility for what she posts on the internet.

“Her son should be able to subscribe to her OnlyFans cause she’s a mother, she nuh pose tuh a post nothing outta place,” one person said.

But then there were others who found the argument unfair, especially since some male artistes carry oversexualised brands without facing criticism.

“U too nuff leave d lady alone…..she is an adult, this is the norm for lots of entertainers, why is she different?”

Another added, “Don’t listen to the critics, entertainment is dynamic and society can’t dictate your standards… Pickney fi focus on child contents but irresponsible baby mother can’t even supervise them self much less them children. Just continue to keep us “adults” entertained.”

On the latter, D’Angel is way ahead of her followers as she has posted another lingerie photo for people to feast their eyes on. Her caption? “Leak dis now nuh!”