D’Angel spills on being cheated on while pregnant

Dancehall artiste, D’Angel

Having a low sex drive during pregnancy is normal for many women, and it was no different for the self-proclaimed ‘First Lady of Dancehall’, D’Angel.

In Fun Questions with D’Angel posted on her Instagram account, the Stronger artiste detailed her reduced libido while pregnant with her son.

“During pregnancy that was the hardest thing to do, I never liked sex at all. My first trimester was alright but when my belly start getting older like six months, I never liked sex at all,” she said.

It was this, she reasoned that caused her husband to cheat. “My husband at the time, maybe that’s why him give mi bun. But I never enjoyed it, but it was just painful, mi just couldn’t deal with it. Everytime him come near mi, mi bawl,” she said.

D’Angel also shared some other intimate details, including how she likes her man to look, and who would be the leading man in her sex scene fantasy.

“Mi nah talk to no big belly man, mi nah settle down wid no big belly man. I don’t think I deserve a big belly man to settle down with, I can’t dweet,” she said during her Q&A.

The One Man singer who recently showcased her acting skills, and joined the popular adult entertainment site, OnlyFans said that if she could do a sex scene with one person, it would be actor Micheal B. Jordan.

“Micheal B. Jordan, can you hear me? Let’s make a love scene, right now. Mi like him, body stay good, you know where to find me,” she said.

Oh and know this BUZZ fam, D’Angel is not single. She has a man who can’t get enough of her body.

“Who tell yuh seh mi no have no partner? You bright eeh?! He likes all my body parts, but he loves my neck, he loves my booty, and he loves my breasts,” she said.