D’Angel starts ‘MAD’ YouTube channel for her skits

Another year, another venture for singjay D’Angel. The entertainer has launched a YouTube channel dedicated to her creative side, or as she calls it, her MAD side. MAD is the name of the channel, which is a double entendre as it also represents her initials, Michelle Angela Downer.

The Exposed artiste made the announcement yesterday in a video posted to social media.

“Everyday mi gwaan wid bare foolishness but you’d not know until you tune in to my YouTube channel. I am so excited.”

She then showcased the characters that will star the channel, with the most popular being Pamela, an opinionated and contentious news reporter. The other characters are Ashley, an out-of-touch rich girl, and Susie, a feisty cookshop owner.

“That’s the three cast members that you’ll be seeing in and out of season,” she said. “Of course you’ll be seeing D’Angel as well so it’s a whole heap ah characters in this one body… Stay tuned, share, like and comment… We deh pon lockdown, what are you gonna do? Let’s have some fun.”

Content has been on the channel from a week ago, and more than 50 people have so far subscribed.

This marks D’Angel’s third Youtube channel. Her main channel features her music and her second channel includes music, interviews, vlogs, tutorials and skits.

Her content journey has diversified within the past year thanks to the pandemic. She started with spicy Q&A video features posted to her Instagram page, then moved to animated drama skits. Her most talked about venture, however, has been her presence on the Only Fans platform.

Other artistes who have created lifestyle Youtube channels since 2020 are Wayne Marshall and Tami Chin, Spice, Romain Virgo and Queenie.