D’Angel teaches how to walk in heels

Dancehall artiste D’Angel

Dancehall artiste D’Angel is here to pass on her expertise on how to walk in heels to you.

We know you’ve seen that viral video of her running on the streets in heels and was probably fascinated!

Well, maybe after her class you could be doing that and more.

The Lady of the Dancehall made the exciting announcement on her Instagram.

“This is not a run-up and down inna heels or a heels challenge, I’m here to do a quick announcement- learn to walk in heels with me of course, yours truly, D’Angel,” she said.

While encouraging her followers to swipe up and click on the link in her bio. The only link available was the one for her OnlyFans so we guess that’s where she’ll be teaching

“Ladies mi know seh uno complain to me all the time seh Angel when we go out wi haffi inna flats and all these things because we cya deal with heels all day all night like you.

So I’m going to teach you how to walk in heels and can go out inna heels with yuh likkle hubby or yuh likkle somebody, and inna yuh heels whole time.

She added; “It’s very easy, very simple.”