D’Angel to launch exclusive platform and grooming class


Over the past few weeks, singjay D’Angel has been a one-stop store of entertainment and positivity. From live praise and worship service and workout sessions to cooking tutorials, quirky dance videos and online challenges, the artiste says she is happy to alleviate the fears and anxiety of those navigating a world taken over by the coronavirus.

The feedback to her efforts has been so overwhelming that she said fans have been requesting an exclusive platform for ‘all things D’Angel’ which she said is underway.

“My fans want me to create a platform so they can be entertained, be it live performances or other things they can be engaged in,” D’Angel told BUZZ. “It’s gonna be for now and after corona cause I won’t be able to travel to every part of the world, so who can’t get to see me can go over there and be a part of an evolution of brand D’Angel.”

‘I’m an entrepreneur even before music.’


The concept has been brewing for some time, though D’Angel said COVID-19 has put a damper on her plans. “I’m an entrepreneur even before music. I had my store, my boutique, and I had my different business ventures,” she said. “Motherhood took me away from a lot of stuff and I had to solely focus on that and music while still trying to engage other prospective businesses. Sometimes things take time to mature… so it’s just creating different content that my angels don’t usually see on social media but you have to sign up and register to come over there.”

The platform will also have merchandise and possibly an online grooming class.

“It’s a class where I’ll be teaching ladies how to walk in heels. It’s on hold because of corona but I already have the location and a full team ready. I’m watching the corona and seeing how it will work. If anything, I’ll have that in the signup package on my platform.”

‘Proceeds from my grooming class will go to my foundation.’

The former model said the motivation to start the grooming programme stems from her allegiance to the modelling world, but also to support the less fortunate through her eponymous foundation. “I can perform and stand in heels from morning till night cause I was trained in terms of posture, poise and how to carry myself as a lady so I’m looking forward to that class,” she said. “Proceeds from my grooming class will go to my foundation; people a starve all over Jamaica and it breaks my heart so this will definitely help to benefit somebody.”

Instagram posts of D'Angel in a white t-shirt and black shorts

She is also promoting new music, like the gospel single Watch Over Me, and is excited about the upcoming release of a reggae cover of Aretha Franklin’s 1991track Ever Changing Times. “I do dancehall for fun but reggae is my passion. I did the song to perform it in Europe on my tour but that’s been cancelled because of everything. It’s produced by Blaqk Sheep Music and it’s all live music and people nah go know seh is D’Angel, only mi real fans will know my voice. I thought, ‘How can I match up to Aretha Franklin?’ but I challenged myself and did it and everybody was impressed.”