D’Angel’s legal team issues warning after intimate pictures are leaked

Dancehall artiste D’Angel has enlisted the aid of a legal team to address the sharing of intimate photos of her being circulated on social media and via electronic messaging.

Dancehall artiste D’Angel has gotten legal assistance after her OnlyFans pictures are leaked.

The advisory from her Townsend, Whyte & Porter team speaks to the unauthorised sharing of photos of the artiste which were posted to her OnlyFans account over the past two months.

The law firm said the photos are the property of D’Angel, born Michelle Downer, and that the stealing and reproduction of them are a breach of the Copyright Act. Further, it said those involved with spreading the pictures are also breaking the Acceptable User Policy of the OnlyFans subscription platform, and will be investigated.

“You are hereby on notice that accessing the OnlyFans database with intent to steal copyrighted material amounts to a breach of the Copyright Act and Part II of The Cybercrimes Act,” the firm said.

Its statement continued, “Perpetrators are subject to cvil and criminal liability. In prosecuting these claims, third party transmitters of copyrighted images by whatsoever means, including Instagram, facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and YouTube, are investigated and may be held liable.”

People in possession of the images are asked to delete them and desist from sharing .

Just over a week ago, the Stronger singer said her account had been hacked when images from her page became part of the public domain.