Daniel Jean: providing comedy during revolutionary times

Upcoming comedian, Daniel Jean

With the global events of 2020 so far, now more ever, it important for influencers to read the room before using their platforms to speak on issues. Many have received quite the flak from followers for being absolutely tone-deaf.

It is even more important for a comedian to possess the ability to read the room as this is essential to his art. Haitian, Daniel Jean wears the hats of a comedian and an influencer and extols the virtues of being aware.

He uses social media as one of the main tools for building his reputation and takes pride in his awareness of global affairs. The comedian uses his platform to shed light on some serious issues such as racism, sexism, and classism. 

“I’ve been blessed with a platform, and comedy throughout times has been used to heal during tough times.”

— Daniel Jean

Jean sees Instagram which has more than half a million followers as a tool he can use to influence change in the world, while hopefully easing the tension too.

“I’ve been blessed with a platform, and comedy throughout times has been used to heal during tough times. One inspiration is the new stand up Dave Chapelle did after the tragic events around George Floyd.

While he was serious during the stand-up, he used a couple of jokes to alleviate the tension and present his case without sounding ignorant to what’s going on,” he said.

He shared that he has participated in Black Lives Matter protests in New York City, while also reading and educating himself on topics he believes should be highlighted.

“I am reading on information that educates myself on the topics so potentially I can speak on it accurately later, recently I have recorded protestors and put them on my platform to show that the revolution is still going on,” he said.

“I’m black, and I’m proud, so yes Black Lives Matter” he added.