Danny Boy believes Tupac would collaborate on LGBTQ+ album

R&B singer, Danny Boy

R&B singer, and former label mate of Tupac Shakur, Danny Boy, believes Tupac would not be opposed to collaborating on a project supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

Danny Boy made the comment in a recent interview on The Art of Dialogue YouTube channel. He said Tupac was his friend and would not judge him or ruin their friendship over something like sexual preferences.

“I think I knew Pac enough, and he knew me enough that even if he were here today, and I did an LGBTQ+ album, he would jump on it,” the singer said.

He continued; “I just believe Pac was my friend. Maybe I’m exaggerating, or maybe I’m thinking about it too hard. And maybe some people will think, ‘Oh you only knew him for this amount of time’. But I just don’t believe my sexual orientation would have made him not like me.”

The R&B singer revealed his sexuality in 2016.

Danny Boy hailed the decision by Tupac’s estate (which is not run by any surviving members of the late rapper’s family) to support the LGBTQ+ community. In June this year, the estate launched an LGBTQ+ pride merch collection.

Tupac Shakur was a controversial figure throughout most of his career. The rapper had openly criticised Dr Dre in the past for his alleged bisexuality, making him one of the first to make these claims against the Hip Hop mogul. Tupac can be seen “cracking jokes” about Dr Dre’s sexuality while on the set of Toss It Up, a record featuring Danny Boy that was released after the rapper’s murder.

Danny Boy claims he has never taken offense to Tupac making said comments.

“You can see me in the video; I was right there laughing it up with everybody else. They weren’t referring to me. And it wasn’t just Dre… they were cracking jokes about everybody. It was just homies standing around making jokes,” he said.

Danny Boy was one of many artists signed to Death Row Records in the 90s. He is most known for collaborating with Tupac on  I Ain’t Mad At Cha, one of many hits released under the label.