Dark Souls and Game of Thrones had a love child, here’s the latest

An effort between legendary game developer FromSoftware, and A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) mastermind, George RR Martin, the highly anticipated role-playing video game, Elden Ring is once again trending on the internet.

Rumours of a possible demo dropping soon began to circulate in the gaming community after Yasuhiro Kitao “accidentally” shared a photo with what fans assume to be the menu screen of Elden Ring visible in the background. Yasuhiro is a part of FromSoftware’s promotions and marketing team.

Whether the post was made by accident or is a PR stunt to promote an upcoming demo, fans are set on believing the latter, as it would be in keeping with the company’s past release dates as far as demos.

Furthermore, Yasuhiro made no effort to remove the post after it gave way to much speculation.

Elden Ring will be released in January 2022 to join a growing list of classic souls-like video games including Demon Souls, Dark Souls 1 -3, the Bloodborne series, and Sekiro: Shadows DIE TWICE. Only this time, the anticipation is even higher given the involvement of George RR Martin, the mind behind the A Song of Ice and Fire series that inspired the once-phenomenal Game of Thrones TV show.

In a June interview on wttChicago’s YouTube channel, Martin explains that he was brought on-board the Elden Ring project “several years ago”.

“My work on [Elden Ring] was actually done years ago. These games they’re like movies; they take a long time to develop. Basically, they wanted a world created to set the game in,” he said.

Martin added that he “worked up a fairly detailed background for them” referring to FromSoftware’s latest project.