Daryl Vaz, #JamaicanTwitter lose it over ‘labourite horse’ that stalled PNP nominee Desmond Brennan

People’s National Party (PNP) candidate for North Central Clarendon, Dr Desmond Brennan, got his Nomination Day ticket stamped on Tuesday, but not before running into some equine problems in Chapleton. Chubble deh-deh, BUZZ fam!

Dr Desmond Brennan got his Nomination Day proceeding underway on Tuesday (August 18), but it wasn’t without hiccups as the People’s National Party (PNP) candidate for North Central Clarendon got stalled by the horse he was riding.

Amid the fanfare in Chapleton family courthouse, as Brennan rode atop the white horse, a now-viral video of his difficulty commanding the animal also made the rounds on social media, triggering witty comments and plenty of giggles.

The 30-second video shows Brennan and his guide struggle to move the horse. After several tugs and underbelly kicks, the PNP candidate was asked to dismount the animal.

Onlookers can be heard discussing what may have caused the horse to become unresponsive, arguing that the sound of the horns might have been disorienting for it.

General election season brings the very best of banter in Jamaica, a fact not lost on Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Member of Parliament for West Portland, Daryl Vaz, who praised the horse for being a ‘staunch Labourite’.

Brennan’s political opponent Robert Nesta Morgan also quipped that looking at his ineffectiveness as a jockey even the horse is giving him a message.

“Seh dem a ride ass that is the wrong subject. Brennan, I hope you get the message. Not even the donkey want you in North Central,” he tweeted.

It would seem the rest of Nomination Day went as planned for Brennan as he shared his hopes for North Central Clarendon should he be elected as the next MP.

Far and wide, however, Jamaicans on all major social media platforms trolled Brennan, seeing the horse’s stubbornness as a testament to the PNP trying to kickstart its election campaign—and judging from the video, all doesn’t seem to be going well.

PNP trying to start their campaign 😩

Posted by The Tropixs on Tuesday, August 18, 2020

There were others who slammed the PNP candidate and his supporters for forcing the horse to carry him, saying the videos bordered on animal cruelty.

“They should be charged for assault because that is a Labourite donkey and dem a force the dam donkey kmft,” one man wrote on Facebook.

Others were just amused and laughed to their hearts’ content at the ridiculous nature of what was indeed a very colourful, eventful Nomination Day for Jamaica.