Daybreak treats partygoers to a festive paradise

The heart of Sabina Park was transformed into a tropical wanderlust at the crack of day for the highly anticipated premium breakfast event of the jolly season – Daybreak Breakfast Party. The event brought a different wave of fun and musical hits for patrons on Saturday (Dec. 20).

To jump-start the series of holiday festivities slated for the period, the all-inclusive breakfast fete welcomed scores of party-goers to an enchanting oasis with a delectable selection of meals to choose from, and an intoxicating vibrant line up of deejays locally and internationally.

As early as 8am the party attendees decked out in their finest flooded the venue serving up a storm in their lustful pieces. Ladies were caught in free-flowing rompers, cute dresses and eye-dazzling jumpsuits.

The males didn’t disappoint, lined in suave bold colours and fashionable apparel. Patrons marked the inclusive breakfast party fanfare as an unforgettable one.

Feterans had a fantastic time at the curtain raiser event as they danced to electrifying beats pumped across several genres; soca, dancehall and hip hop was a symphony of musical mastery.

For those who wanted a more exclusive vibe, they were afforded the opportunity by the VIP section that had a chill sort of vibe, comfortable seats and were treated by a courteous bar staff.

Patrons were immensely enjoying the nicely decorated venue while tantalizing their palates to a plate of scrumptious hors d’oeuvres and a wide selection of beverages. Daybreak made a successful impression on their growing community of patrons.

One patron shared, “The party was really good, we got a good mix – we went from oldies to the 2000’s and carried us all the way into 2019. It was pure vibes and I would definitely come back.”

Check out our BUZZ gallery with more highlights from the event: