‘Dear Promoter’: Revellers demand refund as fate of Jamaica Carnival to be decided

The fate of Jamaica Carnival will be known soon with stakeholders set to discuss the event later this week.

Costumes from the launch of Xodus Carnical late last year.

The update comes from one of Jamaica’s three bands, Xodus, which closed its showroom today as it awaits news from the Carnival in Jamaica committee.

Carnival in Jamaica was postponed in March, shortly after the first case of the virus was confirmed in the island.

Originally scheduled for Sunday, April 19, the road march was moved to Sunday, October 25 following the committee’s discussions with vested parties including hotels, airlines and the respective bands.

“Refund us our money!!!! This is getting more ridiculous by the minute! You’re being greedy!”

– Instagram user

At the time, Carnival in Jamaica said the postponement gave them seven “clear months from the initial detection of the virus in Jamaica” to address the threat and prevent “unnecessary exposure”.

However, cases on the island have been increasing steadily over the past week and a half, with the island’s total now at 3,103 cases and 33 deaths.

Xodus, in a post on its Instagram page today, said it will close its showroom “in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and advice from the Jamaican Government”.

It added, “As soon as a decision is made, we will communicate this with all our revellers”.

The update saw many commenters asking about refunds, while others asked if carnival is still a serious consideration given the island’s increased cases.

One user said, “Refund us our money!!!! This is getting more ridiculous by the minute! You’re being greedy!”

Another said, “Okay, this means nothing. What about a refund?”

“You guys hve been doin everythimg in your power not to refund ppl their money…. october is approaching, yall still hving a carnival???” anoted stated adding “Lemme guess u gonna tell ppl next year right? What if we hve no intentions on attending next year? What happens to our money?”

While yet another asked, “really carnival keeping this year with increase cases daily and community spread”? ending with “refund”.

The other two major bands, Bacchanal Jamaica and Xaymaca, have not made any recent public comments on the issue.