Dear Promoter: Upset revellers want refund for carnival costumes

While the world fights the spread of the coronavirus, some revellers who wanted to touch down for Carnival in Jamaica are upset that they won’t be able to get a refund even though the events are being postponed until October.

A model shows off a costume at the Xaymaca band launch late last year.

The festivities were originally set for April 19, 2020, but as the number of COVID-19 cases in Jamaica increases, the three carnival bands, along with the Jamaican government, came to an agreement to change the road march date to October 25, 2020.

“Just refund everyone for their costume.”

— social media user

Based on the change, some people just want their money back. The problem is that the carnival bands have a no refund policy.

“Just refund everyone for their costume & parties and start over,” one person suggested.

“Y’all need to stop being grimey and refund my money! There’s 7 months till October! You have more than enough time to resell that costume,” another said.

And just as the words came from their fingertips, there were persons on hand to remind frustrated revellers that they should have read the fine print when making the purchase.  

“I think everyone needs to realise that everyone, including the band leaders, was thrown for a loop with COVID-19. Give them some time to figure out the finer details. Frustration and anger solve nothing,” the social media user said.

Although the new date is during the hurricane season, some persons are happy they now have more time to get their bodies in shape while others are elated for the extended period to make their final payment.