‘Death Stranding’ drops tomorrow for PS4

(Photos courtesy of Playstation US)

Highly anticipated video game Death Stranding will be available to gamers come tomorrow.

The game which is set against a post-apocalyptic backdrop is expected to be ranked among the best games for the year not only for the PlayStation platform but in the video game universe.

The game has been three years in the making and Kojima Productions has been meticulous in its development, carefully laying out a scenario that is anticipated to have players hooked for long periods.

Lengthy stages of playing time are expected to be commonplace among gamers, who’re being tasked with investing over 40 hours to conclude the single-player exploration game.

The plot of the game pits a lone porter against a desolate world as humanity’s saviour.

After a series of mysterious explosions have desolated the world, Earth is now made up of isolated cities called knots and it’s the porters who are the links between these cities while trying to deal with the bleach things, some otherworldly creatures and renegade porters who want to steal your cargo.

Overall, it’s highly anticipated especially since it comes from legendary game creator Hideo Kojima.