Decoding Bogle: Boysie breaks down slangs from late dancer

Bogle passed away in 2005.

Today, January 20, marks 15 years since Black Roses’ dancer Bogle was gunned down at a St Andrew service station.

Given name Gerald Levy, the Lincoln Crescent dancer gave us life with moves like ‘Bogle Dance’, ‘World Dance’, ‘LOY’, ‘Zip It’, ‘Log On’ and ‘Willie Bounce’. While his dances took over the dancehalls at ‘yaad’ and abroad, the 40-year-old also made a statement with his unpredictable and quirky fashion sense, rocking anything from elaborate dog collars and anklets, to tucking new panties as a kerchief in his pocket, and even perming his hair at one point.

Catchy phrases

Adding to Mr Wacky’s enigma were his catchy phrases, including ‘an unsolved mystery’, which eerily accounts for the dancer’s actual murder case.

In remembering the life of the popular personality, BUZZ checks in with Black Roses member Boysie to break down seven of Bogle’s most popular slangs. Let’s tek dem back to basics!

Boysie was one of Bogle’s close friends. (Photo:

Out and bad

Boysie: This is about not being scared to go somewhere or do something, you don’t care what people have to say, you’re gonna go anyway because yuh ‘out and bad’.

Don’t spill yuh guts, spell it out

Bogle says the infamous line in Voicemail’s song Jiggy Time.

Boysie: Whatever you have to say to or about me, say it. Don’t spill your guts means don’t lie to me, talk weh yuh have pon yuh mind about me. Spell it out, talk di truth.

All dem deh, weh dem deh did deh?

Also used in Bogle’s breakout song, Boysie said the phrase is a reminder to be respectful to one’s predecessors.

Boysie: You here before someone and that person acts like he is more than you or before you. That person doesn’t show respect to who was there before him. He acts like he is bigger than you. So who are you, where were you when I was running the place?

Boysie is serious about preserving Bogle’s legacy.

Dem mek we haffi flop dem back oh so badly

This connects to ‘All dem deh…’

Boysie: The full saying is actually ‘I give dem di place fi run and dem cannot run it, so dem mek we haffi flop dem back oh so badly’. Dem come and see you and do two little hit dance and seh dem running the place. When you look, the original haffi come and create something that takes over the whole place, so we have to flop dem back oh so badly because dem couldn’t run the place.

Eeeehh, a lie!

A sarcastic response to rumours or any negativity someone may bring to you.

Boysie: Let’s say someone comes to you and says: ‘Da girl deh talking some bad stuff about you’… Even though it’s the truth, you would respond like that.

We don’t tek press, we judge we own concept

Boysie: We don’t tek press means no one can tell you what to do, no one can program you or tell you to go here or there. You judge your own concept, you do you.

Keep it jiggy

Boysie: We’re keeping it jiggy means we’re happy. It’s about happy times, fun times!