Dem have a buzz! Tami and Wayne have fun with Desha Ravers’ ‘Gweh’ dance move

So, apparently, Tami Chin and Wayne Marshall have a ‘buzz’.

Wayne Marshall and wife Tami Chin

Yes, ya’ll. The entertainers, who are often lauded for their parenting skills, are now being praised for their dancing abilities after showing off their versions of Desha Ravers’ move called ‘Gweh’.

In a video that was shared on both their Instagram pages on Saturday, Wayne is ‘fierce’, as he dances beside his wife, competing in the contest that Desha started on Tuesday. All this time, their youngest child, Oz, can be seen in the background, touching everything that he could get his hands on.

A very confident Wayne shared the video on his Instagram page and said: “People talk the truth…who win this #gweh challenge dance off?? 🤷🏾‍♂️Me @tamichinmitchell or #babyoz @dingdongravers @desharavers You know wah dem say the family that dance together advance together.”

Tami also shared the video and said that she was simply having fun.

“Weh yuh feel like??? DWL Mi gi dem a stoooosh #gweh it name #GoAway LOL DWL DWL #TamiRavers #WayneRavers #OzRavers LOL dancing is good for the soul people…dance wherever you are, like no one’s watching!!! @dingdongravers @desharavers thanks for this one!!! @waynemarsheezy you keep me young and fun and laughing,” she said.

Desha, the creator of the dance move, was all too happy to comment on Wayne’s post.

“Yooooo, I loveeeee thissss @waynemarsheezy @tamichinmitchell respect me love this #GWEH,” she said.

The winner

She later shared the video of the dancing couple on her page, but she gave Tami the edge in the dance-off.

“ALRITEEE SO WE HAVE #WAYNERAVERS WID D FACE PLAY 😂 @waynemarsheezy VS #TAMIRAVERS @tamichinmitchell OK PPL WHO WIN THIS ONE ? #GWEH @dingdongravers @romeichentertainment @bravoravers @khalfanirecords #RC4L btw it’s Tami for me stills u knw we affi stick together as ladies 😂 I LOVE THIS,” she said.

She wasn’t the only person who thought Tami did a better job.

“Tamar went 110% Jamaican and Wayne went 64%😂😂😂It have a buzz,” one social media user said.

“Wayne look dem ole man a try supm. Unu gwaan good still. Ppl stop sleep on Tami, you how she a gwaan,” another added.

And although many liked Tami’s moves, some people were still in Wayne’s corner.

“Wayne’s serious face is everything😂😂❤️ him have the dance lock still,” one person said.

This video with Tami and Wayne comes days after Desha launched the ‘Gweh Dance Competition’. So far, there have been dozens of people vying to win the first-place cash prize of $100,000. The second-place winner will receive $25,000 while third place will get $15,000. The competition ends on October 27.