‘Demand what you deserve’: Bounty Killer speaks on self-worth

People are not always going to treat you how you ought to be treated, and that’s why it’s important to value yourself and know your self-worth. That’s the advice coming from dancehall veteran Bounty Killer, in an interview on a popular radio station recently.

The self-proclaimed ‘The Poor People Governor’ asserted that a lack of self-worth among the nation’s youth is contributing to the crime rate.

“That’s why the youth them killing off themselves and doing all these crazy thing because they don’t value themselves. A man think, if mi nuh have a big car park up, if mi nuh have an apartment, millions, or mi nuh have a pretty girl, he’s less,” he said.

He pointed out that the key to attaining self-worth lies within finding yourself.

“The problem is people into things and into the world too much, we need to get into our self, listen to yourself, find yourself. The most valuable thing on earth I have is me, but people don’t value their self-worth, them value their net worth.”

While explaining that he places the biggest value on himself, the deejay revealed this is essential in knowing what you deserve.

“You got to demand what you deserve in this society, or else you will not be served, everybody not going to give you what you deserve,”