Demarco drops visuals for ‘Dance My Stress Away’

Dancehall artiste Demarco recently dropped his “Dance My Stress Away”  single which is expected to be featured on his upcoming album Melody. 

 “Dance My Stress Away” which features reggae icon Stephen Marley is a feel good tune, that the artiste hopes will exterminate bad vibes.

The visuals for the tune casts the artiste as the owner of Demarco’s Pest Control; a blue-collar businessman who works hard all week so he can play harder all weekend.

According to Demarco, the single is inspired by those after-work cooldowns and weekend ‘wild outs’ that keep us sane.

 Demarco anticipates that “Dance My Stress Away” will become an anthem for fun, and will resonate with those  ready to let loose after a long week on the job.

Produced by  Demarco himself  the track’s irie, guitar-driven vibes represent a departure from the hardcore dancehall tracks and R&B-flavored island pop the artiste is known for.

Keeping his style dynamic is something fans can expect to be a consistent feature of his upcoming album, which is just one of the many projects that Demarco is working on.

In addition, Demarco is reported to be among the songwriters on Rihanna’s long-rumored dancehall album.

Demarco’s debut album Melody is expected to drop on October 22.