Demarco gets gold plague for ‘Party Animal’

Dancehall artiste and producer Demarco received a gold plaque for his role in Charly Black’s hit ‘Party Animal’.

Demarco was the one responsible for producing the rhythm for the 2016 track which received gold status by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in 2019.

He made the revelation on his Instagram account where he uploaded a video of himself opening the package  and showing off his gold plaque to the public.

“Bless up Charly Black, Popstylemusic ‘Party Animal’ Certified Gold!!! Hard Work, this is Motivation, I need 100 more of these Let’s Go!!!”, he captioned the post.

Charly Black in turn paid tribute to the artiste for his role in the project.

“If you never make the riddim there wouldn’t be no party animal even though is me write the song…the instrumental is what brings out that song remember is sing me sing on it something I’ve never done before and it work out for everyone… So respect Demarco salute to you and thanks again for your talent pa,” he commented on the post.

Demarco replied to the comment wishing the Trelawny native many more hits.

“You a di realest!!! Bad vocals + bad riddim= party animal certified hit, salute to you mi bredda, wish you many more hits” he remarked.

‘Gyal You A Party Animal’ has been a huge success for Charly Black and company after also going diamond on the Latin American Charts.

Demarco, is currently focused on the release of his upcoming album, which is to drop in October of this year.