Denyque and Shaneil Muir collab brewing

Dancehall artistes, Denyque (left) and Shaneil Muir (right)

Good Good Productions’ newest signees, Denyque and Shaneil Muir, have created another song together, this time a collaboration. The two had worked together in 2016 when Muir co-wrote Denyque’s hit Proud Wifey, but this time the ladies are both performing on the upcoming track.

“The song is fire,” Denyque said during an interview with FaceVu. “I think it’s not only gonna get people talking, I think it’s gonna be an anthem. I think people are gonna love it and I just can’t wait for the world to hear what we have in store, what I have in store and what the team has in store.”

History of working together

Both women have a longstanding history with the record label, with Muir recording her first single, Proud Side Chick, for Good Good Productions after making it to the top 10 in the now-defunct Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall contest in 2016.

The signing marks the end of an almost four-year music break for Denyque, who admitted she had lost her identity in the business.

“I just felt like I stopped knowing who I was…” she said. “For the first time, I was confused about who I was, what the message I wanted to portray in my music, and I started wanting to do music based on the notion that it was what everybody else wanted to hear and not what I wanted to sing.

I thought that was a bad place to be in so I’m like you know what, let me take a couple steps back, see what else life has for me because you know when you tunnel vision on something you forget everything else and two-twos mi blink and I’m 50, I ain’t got no man, I ain’t got no kids and I’m like I don’t want that.”

Denyque – Proud Wifey | Celebrities, Wifey
Denyque is ending her almost four-year music break

The entertainer embarked on a music career at age 20 and distinguished herself with soft vocals, an R&B style, and just enough dancehall to complete her ‘dancehall sweetheart’ brand.


Working with producers like DJ Cash Flow Neil, Stephen McGregor, and Jeremy Harding, Denyque released a number of bangers including Summer Love, Hooked On Me, Driving Me Insane (a Chino McGregor record) and Super Girl. The 2013 smash Make Me Believe You opened doors to other opportunities.

“I branched out into TV, I branched out into endorsements and then I realised that I had started to become a brand which is fine cause I remember when I just started out in music I did say that music would have been the platform to fulfill all my other goals so it’s like everything was manifesting. God was putting everything in place,” she said.

Somewhere between testing the waters in the studio and navigating her new roles, Denyque had an epiphany.

“I don’t know, something inside me just flipped like, yeah I’m ready now.”

This time around she intends to do music on her own terms, and will not limit herself to any style. 

Does she think there’s anyone today who resembles her style?

“Naomi Cowan reminds me a lot of me, that sweet side that everybody is used to, and then who reminds me of the other side is Shenseea.”