Denyque hints at a return to music

Singer, songwriter, and now mommy of two, Denyque Welds Mullings, popularly known by her stage name “Denyque” hinted that she is ready to return to music. 

Denyque said she is ready to return to music after a near four-year hiatus.

Denyque told her Instagram following on Monday (June 1) that after taking a break from the business in 2016 to focus on herself, she has evolved into a lifestyle brand.  

While a lifestyle brand is no doubt still a good look for the 31-year-old, it seems she is ready to return to her first love – music. 

“My career’s still vibing well, I evolved into a Lifestyle Brand + I got mad closer to God – closer than ever before – really tapped into my spirituality & now I’m absolutely ready to STOP second-guessing myself & stop waiting for only God knows what,” said Denyque in what was a mouthful on Instagram. 

Denyque said it would not be fair to herself to move on from music before giving it her all.

“I truly believe that you can’t ever know what you’re capable of until you give your everything, & because I haven’t done that yet, it’d be unfair to move on. So here’s to I’M SUPERGIRL Vol II,” added Denyque. 

Denyque further told fans that this time around things would be different as she was not “starting from scratch” but with experience. 

Denyque’s return to music was greeted by many in the industry, including budding artiste Naomi Cowan who lauded Denyque’s return

“Sooooo excited for this! Seriously we need you out here,” Cowan said. 

Even acts that have left the music scene like Tami Chin Mitchell welcomed her return.  

“Awesome sis,” said Tami Chin while personality, Yendi Phillips added “Here for all of this”.