Destiny! Buju Banton is the artiste of the year

Buju Banton has been selected the artiste of the year by the Jamaica Observer’s Entertainment Desk.

Buju Banton was featured on the cover of Vibe magazine this year.

Below is the media house’s rationale for choosing the veteran artiste as its newsmaker of 2020.

Despite the slowdown of the sector, caused by COVID-19, some artistes shone brightly. See who was hot; see the newsmakers; and see who left us.

When Buju Banton released his track Blessed in June, it is fair to conclude that he pre-conceived his forthcoming successes. The artiste not only remained in the spotlight, he owned it.

Buju’s album Upside Down 2020, released on June 26, earned him his fifth Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album in November; in July, he won the Jamaica Festival Song Competition then donated his $3 million prize purse to charity; and, earlier this month, he won a Music of Black Origin (MOBO) Award for Best Reggae Act.

He, however, drew some ire for protesting the wearing of masks to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus in October.

Although being in the industry for over three decades, 2020 has proven to be the year Buju Banton ruled his destiny. For this reason, the Jamaica Observer’s Entertainment Desk recognises him as it’s Artiste Of The Year.

Reggae veteran Buju Banton scored his fifth Grammy nomination in the review period.

Gary Matalon, CEO of Kingston Live Entertainment (KLE) Group Ltd, is in full agreement with this accolade.

“I think Buju is one of the most talented artistes Jamaica has ever birthed, and we’ve had many. His talent is unquestionable and to maintain such a presence and relevance over decades, and after having been removed from the scene for such a long period of time, is nothing short of remarkable. He is an artiste of a lifetime much less a decade or a year,” Matalon told the Observer.

–Kediesha Perry