Dexta Daps’ fans upset that Tory Lanez is on the ‘Call Me If’ remix

Dexta Daps last night announced a surprise remix of his 2020 banger Call Me If, but fans aren’t completely happy with the line-up.

Dexta Daps

The remix features veteran artiste Louie Culture and Canadian rapper Tory Lanez. The latter is the source of the contention.

Last summer, rapper Megan Thee Stallion accused Lanez of intentionally shooting her which he has vehemently denied. The case is currently before the courts but that hasn’t stopped folks from taking sides, others throwing Lanez in the deep end of the cancel culture pool.

Several of Daps’ fans expected him to show some allegiance to Stallion since she listed his 2017 single, Owner, in her Teen Vogue “Playlist of Her Life”.

“Dex how Meg a fan of yours and you go do a song wit the man who shoot her?” one person asked.

“Same Tory that shot a black woman? Yikes.”

“I don’t really know if this is really the right time to be putting Tory on a remix.”

“Tory was the only one available?”

Another added, “Here for Louie….idk bout Tory though, let’s see.”

The feedback is balanced with fans who are pleased that the “original Gangalee” will be featured on the track. Released in July, Call Me If masterfully samples the hit Gangalee recorded by Culture in 1994.

“Louie for the culture,” someone said. “I respect that bro #homage.”

“This a go nice! I know this.”

“Yow a swear, di man draw fi di gangalee. If I had not respect the song before, I get di full bills now daddy, haaat.”

The remix is set to appear on the upcoming deluxe edition of Daps’ Vent album.

The term “surprise remix” is fitting as Culture had shared that Daps actually wanted him on the original track.

“When I listen di tune mi seh, ‘Dexta, right now dah tune yah 100 per cent, mi nuh need fi put my voice pon dis. Just gwaan a road go do yuh ting’,” he said a few months ago.

Daps and Culture have also collaborated on the single Bill Now which is yet to be released.